Floral Traveler to KL i-city

Almost dead meat!

A lot more of fun where this came from, here’s another sneak peek!img_2016.jpg

This trick art museum is located at i-Gallery,Persiaran Multimedia, 40000 i-City, Shah Alam ,Selangor, Malaysia.

The Trick-Eye is one part of the theme park, the theme park is named “i-city”  which includes several attractions:
1) Trick Art Museum
2) House of Horror
3) Red Carpet
4) Fitness Junior
5) Itsy Bitsy
6) WaterWorld
7) Space Mission
8) City of Digital Lights
9) Snowwalk

Here was a bumper for us! we visited at the wrong time, the majority of attractions are open at evening, unfortunately, we went in the morning and got to see these 3 only:
1) Trick Art Museum
2) Snowwalk
3) WaterWorld

I say it is definitely worth visiting the place, plan your timing so you can enjoy the whole park and have fun!

Find the link below to get rest details directly:

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