Floral Tips to Kuala Lumper before Travel

Welcome aboard!
Here are few tips and tricks to get you started with KL trip.

So, let’s get to the point.

1) Choose places to visit before a place to stay
so you can get it in the same area, and save transportation cost
~Saved me 40/55 Ringgit per day  

2) Take service apartment, not a hotel –
Highly recommend @Airbnb
1000 Ringgit for 3 nights and 1 day, with all basic home utilities
Dropbox Video Shared of the apartment:
( https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1dsvoq1oahiin68/AADFSSESDCteDTcxu0s3wplDa?dl=0 )

~it is expensive compared to Malaysia economy but it was worth it for the space and convince

3) Take Uber to anywhere –
Taxi drivers would charge you extra seeing you as a tourist, uber has the cheapest and fixed price
~e.g. 10/15 Ringgit from service apartment to city

4) Airport to your service apartment –
When you head to the lower level of KL airport, there are options for your transportation take “coupon taxi” they are fixed price, for example, 3-4 members 100 Ringgit. 
~You can take uber too but uber is expensive from the airport, uber is the cheapest when you travel around the city.

5) Payments
Take your credits and 2500 Ringgit the most, sadly KL isn’t that advanced yet that it would have apple pay or Samsung pay so take your cards physically.
transportation isn’t a problem since uber is connected to a credit card
Attractions accept credit card as well
Cash would be most required when it comes to buying food/sim cards at stores

6) Connection
Sim Cards, get yours when you go to upper level to claim your baggage. There will be 3/4 stall of sim card providers pick up plan, you’ll get the cheapest one from there.
~Costed us 20 ringgit for 7GB (1MB per day), you won’t get that in the city

These were few tips to get started with feel free to ask if any questions, as for the places you can visit on your vacay wait for another blog! ,

2 thoughts on “Floral Tips to Kuala Lumper before Travel

    • thunderfloralbreeze says:

      Hi Saad,

      Glad I can help, let me know if you need more details!
      Another blog is coming up soon regarding tourist places you should visit.

      Stay tuned


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