United States

Honestly, trump not a big fan of you, but okay.


My 3 weeks journey to states was amazing, I was lucky enough to see quite a few places thanks to special people around me. Places I was able to visit were

Salt lake city:

The city is located in an open space area it is most well-known for its religious and history, don’t be surprised if every single human being walks by greets with you with a smile (yup even if you brown).

Places to be:
Temple Square, it is the literal center of the city. Even if you aren’t religious the place is worth visiting as the architecture is so unique for sure and the surroundings are peaceful because of its open area, flowers, garden, tree.

There is a mall around temple square, where you can shop, eat, get tele connections all of that in the same area. 

The night view is breathtaking
Utah (Logan) 
Is one of the Mormon state (the most religious state), to get away from the city and actually enjoy the life of green snowy mountains, long roads, breezy air nature this is the place!

As I went for a specific task, I couldn’t explore the area.

San Francisco:
Oh lord, toes disaster.
Well not completely, the houses are so pretty! The paint colors are so outstanding as each house pops out with its unique bright color and design adjusting themselves with space. San Francisco definitely felt like home, crowded area, tall buildings, streets full of shops, people, malls, buses.

We took big bus Tour from the Golden Gate Bridge, as we climbed up to the upper deck. Our view was worth it but the wind didn’t let us enjoy much. 

Los Angeles:
As they say the city of dreams and production, well we didn’t go that far. As we were there for one day only, we went straight to universal studio spent the whole day in the universal studio (EVERY PENNYWORTH IT). The place is suitable for every age or shall I say more of gratification.



Its a pretty chill area for family oriented with basic living, as I come from a place that is full of people, objects, attractions on one street after another I definitely missed the crowd But its more of the people you stayed with and I found the kindest, cutest people more like family kind of people, departure was tears for me. 
I Miss them toes, hopefully, will get to see them soon.

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