Brunch @Brunch Club & Supper

Brunch club & Super

Brunch @Brunch Club & Supper

Located between wan chai and causeway bay on the 1st floor, brings a different vibe. The brunch cub & supper is in the middle of Hong Kong’s busy street, with a unique enters the restaurant. The entrance till the upper floor is quite unique with “windows” on each side, cracked wall and out of the blue little bench in the middle.

As soon as you enter you’ll notice a piano, yes a piano not a reception (I think you can try your talent with permission from the staff). The furniture is close enough to be vintage with grey walls (which makes it stand out).

Let’s move on to food, everything on the table was so good. That’s all I have to say ( you know if am not being particular about food items, it’s definitely worth it )
Brunch Club


This was the place that got me addicted to brunch, definitely worth your money and yes this delicious looking breakfast is gonna cost you a decent price. The items were close enough to $100-$ 120, unlike other places that cross over. Tho it doesn’t get crazy busy you’ll be able to get space but if you want to get the view of the busy city, remember to request window seat while making reservations.

All Photos were taken from the google source except for the food photo.
Spent: $400 HKD on the food in the picture

Recommendation point: 2
1-5 recommendation point ( 1, highly recommended)

Brunch Brunch Club & SupperBrunchLocation

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