Brunch @ Metropolitain

Brunch at metropolitain
Located in Sai Ying Pun uphill, stands out the French Creation aka Metropolitain board. The vibe and ambiance are quite different from a regular restaurant.
 The interior design was quite fascinating. They have big black and white marble tables for a group of people and a table for two with high chairs as well. In addition to that, the restaurant was pretty unique, the chairs stand out the most cause of its stylish design.

Now let’s move on to food, definitely try out the food! It is a MUST EAT! I enjoyed the food to that extent I actually finished my meal (more like cleaned my plate ) and I was actually full for the first time. Since I am a vegetarian I always have to make sure its 100% vegetarian. I often ask the waiters to exclude some ingredients from my dish. Basically What I got on the plate was Ham & Cheese Omelet it was filled with Spanish given with side potato and salad on the side. ( I requested to remove the ham obviously). My friend got a Full English Breakfast. I’m not sure what it tasted like but it must’ve been good as the plate was empty. The menu comes in the special menu, wine list, dinner menu, bar menu, breakfast & brunch &  lunch, I have tried brunch menu so far and will definitely go back to try rest of it. It is recommended you reserve the place before going especially on weekends as it does get busy on the family tables


The Customer service was great! The manager, especially on that day, was a sweetheart, kind enough to ensure they had no problem with my requests. Sometimes it can get annoying, which is okay as a blogger. Metropolitain if you are reading this, the manager was on duty on 30th Sep 2018 morning shift, reward him.

Metropolitain Website: 
Spent: $220 HKD

Recommendation point: 2
1-5 recommendation point ( 1, highly recommended)


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