Buffet at Regal Hotel Hong Kong

Buffet @ The regal hotel Hong Kong

This Buffet at the Regal Hotel Hong Kong one was my favorite, filled with so wide selection  choices of different cuisines from sushi, Indian, seafood, Thai, european cold seafood, cheese, salads to create your noodles. The food area is quite large, which makes sense according to the variety of food cuisines given. The Cafe name is Cafe Aficionada large enough to fit 200 plus people located at G/F, Regal Airport Hotel, 9 Cheong Tat Road, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong China

My favorites were “make your own noodles”, where 3 options for the flavor are given. Second was the salad, and we are not talking about 2-3 choices for you to complete salad. I had plenty of options to make my salad green and colorful as possible. Lastly the dessert section, it was heaven for me filled with so many choices from pie, fruits, cake to chocolate foundation , alcohol chocolate and as well ice cream where you got to pick  5 choices of ice cream scope, okay I won’t lie I enjoyed my 5 scopes of ice cream more than anything.

In terms of environment and sitting it was a nice comfy atmosphere, you can have a buffet with friends or conferences meetings with lunch. Make sure to request for bookings and let them know the occasion so they can suggest accordingly the staff is friendly to help you.

This is definitely a good buffet in Hong Kong and worth your money, as for the price you will have to check it by yourself for present price. At the moment I paid was Hong Kong $284 which compared to the cuisine offered the more then just cheap. It’s the best deal mostly and affordable for everyone. The regal Hotel is located near the airport on lower ground, right next to entrances of the doors as soon as you get in.  

The featured photo were taken from : www.google.com

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