Foot massage

Foot Massage @Soul Feet

Foot massage
Located in the heart of the busy city, there’s a place that is quite the opposite of the outdoor atmosphere. Soul’s feet is a massage center to take away all the stress from you.

What makes it unique is the ambiance and design, they set the right mood to put you in an almost vacation place. The room has perfect lighting almost giving you the feels of rainy days, it wasn’t too dull or too bright with the right amount of warm lights and humidifier on every corner and soft music to settle you down.

Foot massage
As you are seated the friendly staff offers you green tea or water and you wait for your service to begin. Your seating placement depends on the services you take, as  I choose the Foot massage I was given the room in the cover picture where other clients were also welcome in the same room. Firstly they soaked my feet in warm water after that they pampered my feet and massaged it with essential oil. Just let them know if the pressure on foot is not bearable, the overall service was relaxing. Lastly, they cleaned the essential oil with warm towels.

Foot massage

Depending on other services, a different type of room is available if you are up for privacy they got your back they have a single chair room and double chair room ( in case someone else is joining you), full beds and much more. Besides these, they offer aromatic oil body massage, Pressure point massage, Neck, Should, Feet and Head massage.
Foot massageFoot massage
The place is recommended at least once a month for sure to take your stress away. Features such as WiFi and charging plugs are included.

I booked the place via app “BloomMe” definitely a ladies paradise, they have got everything from massage, Facial, Blowdry, Hair, Manicure, Pedicure, Brows & Lashes, Hair Removal to make up ! Best part is based on your location they will pull up all the places near by for you. Don’t forget to use code “7227PD” to get 50 dollars from Bloomme app

Website of foot massage: Soul Feet

App for booking: BloomMe

This was a sponsored massage via 3rd party
Recommendation point: 2

1-5 recommendation point ( 1, highly recommended)

Foot massage


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