high tea

High Tea @Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant


The Italian restaurant located on the 7th floor of Hysan Place, is a beautiful large open-plan garden restaurant, behind shiny fashion boutiques, with round marble tables paired with comfortable sofas (yes, it’ll feel like you’re sinking).

We had high tea; wild mushroom & cream Vol au Vent, mini croissant, and the lemon cream tart were a few of my favorites. As we’re vegetarians, we swapped a few savories with pastries. Please let them know when you book a table. (Full menu included below.)

high tea

Once you step inside the restaurant, you’ll immediately notice the open-air layout, there’s no air-conditioning. The “indoor” area is framed by hedge walls encircled with lights rather than basic wooden walls. There is a bar right in the middle parting the “indoor/outdoor” areas.

The unique thing about it is definitely the way they structured the “outdoor” area. One part of it has shelter from above and you can feel the breeze coming from all ways, the other part is fully open. It’s surrounded by tall buildings and you can get an overview of Causeway Bay and see Times Square and Lee Theatre. Also, there are three pointy-roof huts placed outside for sitting (or taking pictures).

The place wasn’t busy, in terms of customer staff ratio and the interior design of the restaurant, considering its beauty. Staff was neither hospitable nor professional. I would definitely give it another visit for dinner then decide if I would become a regular customer. For now, I am not a huge fan.

Besides their High Tea menu they serve Lunch and Dinner, their drink menu is huge from red wine, white wine, dessert wine, bottled beer, draft beer, ciders, cocktails, champagne, sparkling wine to shisha.

If you are a person living for the views and the natural environment, and if you are interested in trying and being exposed to a new variety of food, this might be your new go-to.

Don’t forget to make a reservation before going, it does get busy around 6:00 in the evening and that’s when it’s worth it in terms of the night view

High Tea

Menu Photo was taken from the openrice source
Spent: $500 HKD

Recommendation point: 3
1-5 recommendation point ( 1, highly recommended)


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