vegetarian Brunch in hong kong

Breakfast @Courage 18

Located between the business hub where people are running at their 9-5 job stands out this unique cafe.

The cafe is quite obvious right outside its entrance a neon light quote and cute sitting as if you are in the countryside is obvious. What really stood out was this cafe actually had a theme to it “Courage“. I could see motivational quotes around, definitely got the boast to be on the grind for the weekend.

As you slide the unique vintage door to enter, you’ll notice the big lantern lights hanging giving it the warm feels. One family size large Wooden door, the “cafe bar” and straight two sitting table lanes on the right-hand side and greetings from the friendly manager.

Now let’s move to the main part, the menu included toasts, pasta, salad, tea, coffee and ( check the menu out for further details). I generally always go for tea because refills? And I like taking my time doing my work at the cafe. The green tea jasmine surprised me as it was actually better than other regular tea shops stronger to be specific.

Toast tasted so much better when I eat it in opposite way (Egg on top, bread in the middle, avocado on bottom). Oh instead of scrambled egg it was actually tomato but I requested to replace it with something that they could and don’t forget to ask them to warm your bread extra they’ll be happy too.

In terms of price, it was like other regular coffee around HK$100 per dish. The place is not occupied every min with customers so you’ll get your time to enjoy your brunch. As well If you get 4 stamps on their name card, you’ll get free coffee!

The place is pretty cute if you wanna take your partner to a different environment than regular, definitely the place.

check out their website @

As being a vegetarian it’s difficult to find price worthy and good vegetarian food in Hong Kong restaurants, I bring you fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong with vegetarian options.

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