Brunch @ Habitu Caffe

Vegetarian brunch at Italian Habitu Caffe Hong Kong, this one is a short one and you’ll know in end why

Located in the mall of CITYPLAZA ESLITE SPECTRUM on the second floor you’ll spot Habitu Caffe, be careful you might miss it as it’s an open area that wouldn’t give the restaurant vibe right in a second.

Habitu is famous for its coffee, so I thought why not go and check it out. Am not a huge fan of eating in the malls as it kills the vibe of the restaurant and doesn’t give quite a pleasing atmosphere so I wouldn’t say much about the surrounding. But it’s a great addition if you are up for shopping after your brunch as it has all the possible brands you can think to do shopping in Hong Kong from clothes, gadgets, movies, entertainment to the food you can check out the list here for shop names, floor, and telephone number.

Now let’s move on to the main point straight, the brunch. My GREEN ALL DAY BREAKFAST included spinach scrambled egg, sea salt avocado, kale salad, sautéed mushroom, Italian baked beans and homemade rose strawberry jam. It was honestly quite princely for the amount of quaintly, the bread and jam was my favorite part out of all. The mushrooms had a good flavor than other places I tried at, the jam and bread were nice even tho it was the simplest part of all.

As for my friends’ breakfast, he got LUXURY ALL DAY BREAKFAST which included cumberland sausage, soft scrambled eggs, home-smoked salmon, bacon rasher, roasted vine tomatoes, sautéed mushroom, and Italian baked beans, served and sourdough. We requested them to remove the ham and add more salmon but it felt as if they removed half of the salmon along.

I wouldn’t go again n don’t think he’s going as well, as our tummies weren’t full n wallet got empty.

Rate @4 out of 5

5 is least recommended 


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