Mini Golf @Strokes Hong Kong

Yes, a mini golf in a plaza and a combo of ““, what you’ll get in the stroke HK venue is a mini golf, restaurant, bar, and event experience combo in one place just three steps away from each other.

Located in the high-class fancy streets, is the mini golf course, it big enough to keep you occupied in the game for an hour or even more as it provides activity and food in one place. If you are really into the game you will spend quite a few hours, however, I gave up on the golf in 15mins as it wasn’t really my thing or you can take a break just walk around the Conor grab your drink and laugh how poorly your partner plays and get back in the game.

When you get your tickets they will give you a mark sheet card, the number of times it takes you to get the ball in the hole the more points you get. Now don’t be happy the more points you have means your loosing and the difficulty increase as you get to higher level. I wouldn’t give reviews to the restaurant as I didn’t dine in but it did look cool with its big neon chairs on the side, it could be your thing or not. I say check it out for sure
mini golf in hong kong

It’s a cool place to chill and experience the uniqueness but I wouldn’t be a monthly visitor. However, it seems a pretty good venue for an event host!

Rate @3 out of 5

5 is least recommended
This was a sponsored massage via 3rd party

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