Tanqueray @ Ophelia

(also known as a character in William Shakespeare drama) is located around the beautiful streets of Lee Tung Avenue in Hong Kong on the 1st floor of the building (two shops away from the French bakery restaurant). This is a definite place, I believe peacock is their theme as the color and design resemble to it and of course let’s not forget the huge peacock chair they have. when it comes to seasons they have unique performances going on from different artists around the world and performances aren’t regular performance they are quite an experience, below are photos for some of the performance.

This was a whole new experience and it is definitely an experience not to miss, at least one visit for sure. As soon as you get out of the bright lift you’ll notice a lobby on the left side giving out the green lantern movie vibe as if there’s another different world just on that corner. I will be honest the greetings were not very pleasing, as if they weren’t pleased to see us. We were standing at the reception and there was no smile or even up front question “how may I help you?” That wasn’t expected considering the location, reputation, the vibe they had and quality dining they provide.
Ophelia BarScreenshot 2018-12-04 at 9.25.01 PM
Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 9.22.43 PM

They have a dress code yes the club/bar requires a “Smart Attire Required” that means no shorts, flip-flops, collarless and sleeveless shirts, which I think totally make sense as its a quality bar. Let’s move on to the atmosphere it is to another whole level with green lighting vibe, a majestic peacock chair at the beginning with two small swings and yes go ahead you can swing. You can bearly see people it’s that dark and with green lights giving shadows on your face, as you enter you’ll notice the bar and high chairs, and girls on the bar as well. Yes that’s right take a look at the first picture by what I exactly I mean, you’ll notice a large cage in the middle as well with a lady inside. (There are timing to them being over there so just check that )


We went in a group so we got a bottle of Tanqueray and shared it as for food and other drinks I can’t provide insight if it’s really worth its price as I didn’t try it but considering if it is one time experience go ahead and other anything you want.

Website: http://www.ophelia.com.hk/
Rate @2 out of 5

5 is least recommended
Photos resource is openrice and Ophelia

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