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KiranGill is a Hong Kong model facing challenges in the industry not because of her skin color but where she inherits. KiranGill is a part-time model, studying master degree and working as a full-time teacher, along with her 9-5 life she is trying to pursue her passion.

KiranGill is blooming beautifully but to her, this is still her struggle stage where she feels a “small potato” in the industry however despite managing 3 tasks she feels motivated daily as she is being able to inspire the brown community to get out of the bubble and find new meaning.

KiranGill started to follow her path between the age 15-16 as a hobby after finishing her bachelor’s degree she decided to take this more seriously. She took a leap of faith and created a separate account on Instagram for her modeling career.

Having the experience from age between 15-16 definitely gave her confidence to be in front of the camera and slowly she stepped into Hong Kong’s modeling industry. As social media is a huge opportunity right now from business to being noticed KiranGill posted her professional photos on Instagram/facebook and started being featured/ shared. she has been featured in the e-commerce site, runway shows, interviews, and magazine shoots.

KiranGill has definitely felt the bigger change in the year 2018, especially from her magazine shoot at Happer bazaar India. where she felt the real-life model experience from waking up early in mornings to having 15 mins Lunch break.

KiranGill decided to take this path because she wants to do something different, especially she wants to break the silence of the brown community who aren’t following their dreams or finding a way out of this bubble. She feels there is more to life than just studying, data entry, writing on blackboards. She aims to show there are more opportunities in this world not just for white skin but for the brown community as well

KiranGill is fighting her way to break the stereotypes where instead of race experience should be considered first and aims to create opportunities if it is not given directly to especially brown communities.

Lastly, KiranGill advice is to ready for challenges and never be afraid of rejections, fight them and get out of the bubble.

If you like to know more about KiranGill you may check out her Instagram or Facebook and get in touch with her for any questions.

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