I pay HK$68 Monthly for my photos

Majority of my photo taken on this website are taken from the iPhone, I do not hire professional photographers. Besides professional, I do not have HD cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and so on to take photos. Yes, that’s correct Iphone7Plus and one single powerful app which does the magic. I won’t take you into the professionals of photo editing. However, we all know if you want to do better you have put in some effort.

The powerful app I use is Lightroom CC, now why Lightroom CC but not any other apps that have preset available for you. Lightroom CC gives you adjustment of Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Color Temperature and much more. Which is the key to the photo Lighting, below is an example of a picture edit from Lightroom CC. On the right-hand side is an edited version of Lightroom cc and before is without edit. The point of this picture is not whether it’s taken from a DSLR camera or iPhone but its the picture edit of before and after

Edited Before

Adobe comes with a lot of apps, for example, the following:
“Photoshop: Image editing and compositing
InDesign: Page design and layout for print and digital publishing
Photoshop Sketch: Create expressive drawings and paintings using natural drawing tools
Adobe Spark: Create Graphics in minutes
Capture: Turn Images into color Themes, Vector graphics, patterns and more”

All of the following comes at a super affordable price to take your pictures from standard to professionals. Consider paying a professional for one photo of that price versus getting an unlimited amount of photos. The best part about Adobe is they are in the cloud allowing you to edit anytime and anywhere from a computer, tablet to your phone itself. Adobe is super affordable with just $68 dollars monthly, that’s just skipping two Starbucks coffee. Create your design through Adobe and earn money by displaying it at creative content.

Click here to sign up for Adobe and start posting like a professional!
I will be posting some of the favorites presets for you to download for free soon!
You can get more info about creative content click here and start earning money!

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