Email Marketing to grow your business and win $5000 @Converkit

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Email Listing is old school however it is the most effective and reliable method to grow your business. Despite today’s platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat exist to present your business whether that is through products or services email marketing is still the widely preferred method.

Email marketing gives you a platform you wouldn’t worry about getting down because it will always be there. Besides the reliability, the email list you have of your customers will be there on your spreadsheet. As on social media, their accounts can be deleted or removed however once their email is captured it stays with you as long as your business

Even if email marketing is old school, you don’t have to use the old way by sending each email manually. Gone are those days where you sit on your computer all day and reply to each email one by one. Take advantage of platforms to automatically do the work for you with one time set, and generate the sales for your product or sales helping you earn full time online.

The platform I would recommend is Converkit, why Convertkit is because it gives you features such as automatization, forms, create sales funnel sequence, broadcast and learn. It integrates with many e-commerce sites such as powerful Shopify, sign up with them and start starting your lead generation.

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