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In my previous blog we talked about growing your business with email marketing but what if you don’t have a clue what to do with email marketing when it comes to growing your business?

The possible questions that can pop in your mind are:
What do I actually write to this email list?
How do I get more people on my email list?
How do I get them to actually want to open my emails?
And how exactly do I use email to grow my business in big ways?

As mentioned in the previous blog I have recommended converkit’s platform not just because of its functionality but because its guide and education it helps you other through workshops or blog posts of their own. In this workshop hosted by Adney from converkit will help you to learn about email strategies working right now to help creators earn a living doing what they do best. The workshop hosted by Adney will walk you through how to set up a sales funnel in minutes and will give you a simple three-email sales template inspired by creators earning a full time living online. This workshop will help you make more sales using email automation, all without ever being weird, sales, or gross. Register for the Sales Funnel Pep Talk here!

The strategies Isa shares in this workshop are useful for everyone, not just those who use ConvertKit – that means you’ll get real, actionable takeaways you can implement right after the workshop no matter what tool you use. Here is what one creator had to say about one of ConvertKit’s webinars:

“This was one of the most useful classes that I’ve ever attended. Isa  is very good at drilling down to the core of the matter and highlighting what will make a difference for us.” – Amelia,

Click here to get started!
Spoiler alert:
The workshop includes free stuff to help you implement the strategies even faster and get to learning!

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