Mehreen Mughal @Beauty Industry

Mehreen has been in the beauty industry for the past 10 years. she has shown her talent and become a standing professional, without the help of social media and marketing in the commencement. what makes Mehreen more unique and powerful is she knows where she stands as a makeup artist. She is certain where she wants to be and which path she wants to take. For example, Mehreen doesn’t want to get involved in the beauty and makeup product production industry because she feels there is overexposure. However, she wants to work on being able to provide services and teach later on. When she believes she has reached and understood the platform completely to provide the best experience.

So how did she make it without being spotted in media in beauty industry? keep reading to find out.

Mehreen is born and brought up in the U.K, and has studied fashion design. Mehreen certainly wishes she has taken her interest in the beauty industry more seriously earlier on instead of fashion design. If she had a better understanding and probably more clarity earlier on her career path she would have been scaled on this level she desires. Mehreen’s career started off in Dubai where she was able to begin her journey as an MUA. Mehreen became noticeable from word of mouth, she was helping out her friends at weddings, parties, prom, and showing her skills by a demonstration on her own face. Just being active by doing activities lead her to be more demanding in the market. Mehreen has used social media to her advantage now to network with people as she moves around the world every two years. Mehreen has moved to Hong Kong 2 years ago and found the city more is more diverse and talented. she feels the community over here is willing to collaborate more easily and help each other out more. The collaborations helped her to build networks and slowly lead to work with agencies.

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Mehreen moves around the country after a certain time and she feels it is difficult to find new clients every time however she is able to cope up with it by finding groups and willing to go out her comfort bubble. Despite some of the months being completely quiet without projects, she has her spirit high and still wants to stay in the industry where other people would have changed paths quickly as results are not being seen.

Mehreen still has aspects of the life she wants to work on for example gaining consistency in her workflow and being able to work internationally. Mehreen’s one advice to other aspiring talents is be open to collaborating with other talents even if there is no monetary value because that knowledge/skill learning can give an opportunity that’s far more valuable than dollars.

Besides Mehreen being a talented MUA in the beauty industry, she bakes too! Do check out her luxury looking cakes, muffins, and cookies. Click here

You can check out Mehreen’s social media to learn more about her or collaborate with her.
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Photo credit is taken from Mehreen’s Social Media

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