Muhabat and Almon @ Marketing/Forex Trading Industry

Muhabat and Almon co-founders of Prxjct started their Journey independently. They crossed paths in HKU Space sharing the same vision. Upon realising similar aspiration about life and business Prxjct was established.

Prxjct was born from learning the concept of branding and understanding about the audience target market. After partnering up and using leverage to run their business they formed a team to create Prxjct officially. Both of the co-founders believe working in a team is far more valuable and productive method to grow and build while leveraging with other creative talents

Prxjct believes in having creativity and rather than standard traditional methods. Prxjct is more than just a company besides provides marketing platform, photoshoots, and videography in Hong Kong. They are a brand aiming to show there are a lot of ways to leverage marketing, that can be benefited by any individual regardless of background and isn’t limited to large corporations.

Muhabat and Almon were always keen learning about industries that were starting to bloom out there rather than the regular part-time job when they graduate. While Muhabat had experience in merchant, developer, business associate, marketing lead for ryze and studying his bachelor degree. Almon decided to use his funds available for educating himself through the financial markets, trading, cryptocurrencies instead of further education for the degree.

Muhabat is a full-time forex trader and co-founder of Prxjct in Hong Kong. While Almon is pursuing his studies in law, trading cryptocurrency and running Prxjct company with his partner Muhabat.


Besides their Prxjct , they both are into forex and/or cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong. Almon knew about the market ahead of Muhabat as he was researching and educating himself. Muhabat started trading when he was working as a merchant and got better along with time, education and mentorship. One of the different paths that Muhabat took on trading during his time was he went to local traders that were in the trading for a longer period of time instead of taking courses online.

Both of them run their own Forex trading company where they educate clients, provide signals and teach them how to trade. The company aims to make clients independent in the future instead of being dependent on others.

Despite today’s technology and being able to have access to so much knowledge on the internet the individuals are able to learn almost anything however it is difficult to execute. At the end of the day, you should be comfortable with your losses too, it won’t be a win-win situation always. There are so many emotions you have to control however as long as you know you want to get there, anything in between is just progress “

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