How to create a website online and what is web hosting

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The big thing happened and we named it the “internet” a platform for every information. To create your own website whether to sell online, write a blog about your favorite hobbies, travel, life hacks, opinions. Creating a website is easy but if you have choose the right website building software, web hosting platforms in the beginning it can help you in long run. Before running a website we should understand how to create a website online, what is shared hosting and which softwares are best for your website.

Elements involved in a website are website Building Software, Web Hosting, and Domain Name.. The internet has evolved so much that coding is not required to create a website. There are benefits to officially own your website without worrying what will happen to the software. But as mentioned in my leverage blog, we should save our time because that is more precious.

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To have a website you need a website Building Software, Web Hosting, and Domain Name. The software platforms are easy to find and understands as its platform where we are able to present our website. There are tons of software a viable to name two of the most popular currently are  WordPress and Wix. Now I personally prefer WordPress because of the online customer support 24 hours available. The reason I signed up straight 1 year subscription with them was because of the support from them. After signing up for business platform I was given an hour of live audio customer service through screen sharing. Besides getting you start wordpress wants to help you achieve your goals and guide accordingly. Now there are benefits to the different types of substitution which I will go through later on another blog.


Second important and complicated element is website hosting. what is web hosting and why do I need it?  Hosting is the Home of your website, if you need a website you need to host it somewhere. There are different types of web hosting available such as shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Services, and dedicated Services.

We are looking at shared hosting because that is the most popular and affordable hosting. Shared hosting is a network infrastructure that Keeps your website available across the internet. For example, Bluehost shared hosting, you are purchasing is a physical disk space on the server as well as bandwidth which is a network connection for the server. The disk space covers your website and all of your files including key files (Emails). As well as the monthly bandwidth allowance this is the amount of traffic that comes in and out of your website.

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Now you that have understood how to run a good website and what is web hosting. I highly recommend you to choose Bluehost for your web hosting. Bluehost is the largest hosting provider today and top trusted hosting provider.

It Providers to up to 2 million websites worldwide and is also Top recommend from one of the website software (WordPress). It is affordable, equating to the price of Starbucks coffee per month and comes with a free Domain name. 24/7 customer support which is something I always look for first and Ease of setup with one-click plugin Install.

The best part comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, which a Starbucks coffee wouldn’t give you for sure.

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